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written by Grandmaster Ip Man

"A great martial art is learned behind closed doors."
"The calligrapher’s brush is ready to perform without hesitation."

This handwritten poem is authored by the late Ving Tsun Grandmaster Ip Man. In Chinese poetry there is wisdom and this poem no less describes the concept, chatacter, or what Ving Tsun truly is. There are only two lines, yet within these two lines, a totality of the martial arts are defined.

Right Panel:
Mo sut (martial art), tsing choi (is good), quan moon (closed door), hok (learn).

Left Panel:

Dai bot (big brush), lum lay (full of ink, these two characters together means that you are ready to write), tsik tsik fai (without hesitation you can perform it).
So when should you perform your art? Consider this...
...The art of kung fu is to use your talent in defending yourself and others.
...The art of writing is to display your talent for yourself and others.

There are different types of arts, one in which is not meant for public gratification, and one which is. As to the prior, this art refers to "good martial arts," this art is type of art is not meant for public consumption it is practiced in private for many reasons, if taken the time one would come up with many reasons all on their own why it should be practiced privately, such as Ving Tsun is a private thing to each individual and therefore cannot be seen by everyone, and so it can only be felt by the practitioner.

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